Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa (TRFCA) is a not-for-profit organisation with the core responsibility of developing improved tea production technologies and disseminating them to its members. t The Foundation is entirely funded by its members through a cess per kilogram of made tea. Malawi tea growers are currently the only members of TRFCA. The genesis of tea research in Malawi dates back to 1929 when the Nyasaland Tea Research Association (NTRA) was formed. The initial research investigation was launched on what was thought to be a disease, termed ‘tea yellows’ but was later discovered to be a problem of sulphur deficiency. With time the research focus expanded into the areas of agronomy, breeding, propagation, pests and disease control, biochemistry and processing. TRFCA was registered as a trust in 1966 and is governed by a board of trustees whose members are selected from different tea companies . The Board of Trustees oversees the activities of the Foundation through two sub-committees: The Finance and Appointments Committee which is responsible for overseeing the financial management, human resource and administration of the Foundation whilst the Research Committee is responsible for research programmes. The two Committees advise management on all relevant matters concerning finances and research programmes. The Board also includes a selected eminent scientist in the country. The Director, as the Chief Executive of the Foundation, reports to the Board.


The Foundation has two research departments: Agronomy and Plant Breeding; as well as an administration department which provides support services as shown in the organogram below:

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