Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa has a policy to collaborate with local and international research and other organizations. The objective is to enhance exchange of scientific information, plant germplasm, scientific manpower and publications with other institutions and partner organizations, and share other amenities like analytical services and conduct joint research/experiments. Such activities can improve the TRFCA's capacity to conduct its research. Below are some of the partner institutions that TRFCA collaborates with:




University of Malawi

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of Pretoria


Tea Research Institutes


Tocklai in India

Tea Research Institute in Kenya


Tea Research Institute of Tanzania

Tea Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Tea Companies/ Associations


Tea Association of Malawi

Lujeri Tea Estates Ltd 

Eastern Produce Malawi

Dhunseri  (Makandi & Kawalazi)

Satemwa Tea Estates Ltd

Kothari Group (Naming’omba)

Conforzi Plantations Ltd


Other Collaborators

Southern Africa Biochemistry and Informatics for Natural Products Network (SABINA)

Dept. of Agricultural Research Services - Malawi

Forestry Research Institute of Malawi

Dept. of Meteorological Services and Climate Change - Malawi


Board of Management

Mr. Jim Melrose – Chairman

Mr. Sangwani Hara – Trustee

Mr. Rob Emmott – Trustee

Mr. Atu Kalinga – Trustee

Eminent Scientist in Malawi – Trustee

Director - Secretary


Finance and Appointments Committee

Mr. Sangwani Hara – Chairman

Mr. Jim Merlose – Member

Mr. Atu Kalinga – Member


Research Committee

Mr. Alexander Kay – Member

Mr. Gary Saunders – Member

Mr. Phani Goswami – Member

Mr. Daron Naidoo – Member

Mr. Satinder Singh Nain - Member

Eminent Scientist in Malawi – Member

Director - Secretary

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